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Energy Products LLC marketing in conjunction with Utility Designs of NY LLC introduces RetroLoc- a locking mechanism adaptable to any manhole cover. The fully vetted and patented design prevents a cover from becoming a projectile due to an explosion below ground.

The danger of flying manhole covers is real. Reports of covers flying hundreds of feet endangering life and property appear almost daily. No utility system is safe from the ignition of accumulating gases, the force of which can dislodge a cover weighing 300 lbs and send it flying.

Manhole cover lock RetroLoc is the only system available that:

  • Can be added to virtually any existing cover
  • Is effective with most manhole frames
  • Requires no special tools to operate
  • Allows the cover to be unlocked and removed from the hole with one motion using a standard pick tool

Covers fitted with the RetroLoc system passed “real life” explosive tests carried out by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  The RetroLoc system remained undamaged and operable.  The cover remained secure, even after multiple explosions.

With RetroLoc there is no need to replace existing covers or replace or modify manhole frames.  Utilities have the option to systematically and rationally add the RetroLoc system while minimizing cost and disruption.

Let Utility Designs of NY evaluate your covers for application of the RetroLoc system.